A question we get a lot here at Compression Athletics is "I understand why I would  wear compression socks for travel or varicose veins, but why would I want to for exercise?"  Runners, CrossFit athletes, volleyball and basketball players, cyclists, hikers, skiers, and golfers are all coming to realize the benefits of wearing compression socks or sleeves during activity, so lets dive into the WHY of compression technology.

A great blog post by Pedal Chile really sums up the benefits of compression during or AFTER exercise.  read it here

The article makes the following great points:

Compression Socks & Athletes


  • Faster recovery
  • Increased range of motion (>flexibility)
  • Blood flows faster back to your heart and lungs
    • More oxygen to your leg muscles
    • Metabolic waste products from training are filtered faster (more efficient recuperation)
  • Counteract stasis and hypercoagulability (decreased blood clotting, which is important for older athletes during endurance training)
  • Reduce jeg lag


Additionally, they have summarized some great articles and quotes from several peer reviewed journals:

Compared with the placebo group the compression group had a 5.9% improvement in their run time to exhaustion.

— Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

In fact, it has been proved that using compression clothing after exercise assists in the recovery of muscle fatigue.

— Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy

In conclusion, wearing compression garments during the post-exercise period can be an effective way to reduce DOMS and accelerate the recovery of muscle function

— Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation

participants wearing compression in the current study felt less fatigued and sore during travel

— Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

This is a great article, I am not doing it enough justice, so in case you missed it, here is another link to it!

Let us know what you love about your compression socks!

December 09, 2021 — Kris Qually

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