One of the questions we get a lot of here in Canada is what kind of socks do we carry for winter?  Skiing, Snowboarding, snowshoeing, watching hockey (those rinks can be SOOO cold), curling, ice fishing, shovelling the driveway, all activities that can be made MUCH more pleasant with warm toes.  

Our wool compression sock collection is our latest addition of our compression socks, in both over the calf and mid calf lengths.  These socks contain gorgeous merino wool, known for its moisture wicking and thermal capabilities, as well as 20-30mmHg of compression to give you the best feeling, best performing winter socks out there!

In her Buzzfeed article titled 16 Genius ways to Keep Your Feet Toasty, writer Alison Caporimo, has some great tips on keeping your feet warm in those cold winter months.  Some of our favourite tips include:

1.) Don't go too thick, being able to move your feet in your shoes or boots is paramount to getting good circulation.

2.) Avoid Cotton - cotton absorbs moisture, keeping wetness close to the skin, leading to waterlogged cold feet

Compression socks for winter activities

3.) Go for Merino Wool - Merino wool is itch free, and the best fibre for keeping your feet warm.

Compression socks for winter activities

4.) More about wool - Wool both repels and attracts water, and maintains its warmth when wet!

5.) Use toe warmers - only issue with toe warmers is they add bulk into the toe area, wearing thinner socks in this case actually helps

6.)Use winter/insulating footbeds - an insulating footbed can keep the cold from migrating up your footwear.  Amazing for ice fishing, coaching hockey etc.

Compression socks for winter activities

7.) Don't drink caffeine - caffeine causes your blood vessels to constrict, which reduces blood flow = colder feet

Just because winter has set in, don't let it keep you indoors!!

November 29, 2021 — Kris Qually

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