The physical toll that traveling can have on your body can be draining. You may be forced to sit for long periods of time, stand in line for hours, or on your feet walking from one attraction to the next—all of which can lead to fatigue or swelling in your lower limbs for different reasons. But the end result is the same—and that’s discomfort, pain, and soreness.

The best compression socks for travel can combat the negative effects that come with travel. Find out how wearing compression socks on planes, trains and automobiles and wherever you wander around to during travel can be highly beneficial.

Prolonged periods of sitting on a plane can cause swelling and poor circulation in the lower limbs


When you travel, your legs may swell. And this happens because of two major reasons. The first happens when you sit for prolonged periods of time, which is often the case when you are trying to get from one destination to the next. As you sit on the airplane, or in the car or on a train, the seated position of your lower limbs and inactivity causes blood to pool within the veins that go up and down the legs and feet. Sitting also increases pressure on the veins and inactivity discourages the movement of fluids and optimal circulation throughout the body.

Another reason why your legs may swell during travel is due to the overuse of them as you may do an extra amount of walking than normal. Your lower limbs, specifically your feet, bear your entire body’s weight and after a long period of time, this can cause your feet to swell and the muscles in your legs to get tired.

Swelling and soreness is the body’s way of telling you that it is in need of more oxygen and nutrients to refuel and feel refreshed. This is where the best compression socks for travel come in handy.


Before diving into the compression socks for travel, you first need to understand what exactly compression socks are and how they work. Compression socks are specially designed stockings that have been woven in such a way that compresses the lower limbs. Their main purpose to compress the lower limbs and help squeeze blood through them. This means a subtle amount of pressure is applied to the legs, feet and ankles in such a way that it promotes optimal blood flow and circulation.

When it comes to best compression socks for travel or compression socks on planes, the ideal travel socks will likely be longer in length. Over-the-calf compression socks and mid-length compression socks incorporate graduated compression technology. This graduated compression refers to the varying compression level throughout the sock design. With the special design, more compression is placed on the feet and the ankles. As the fabric moves up the leg towards the heart, the compression level decreases. This graduated compression design works to promote blood flow to and from the heart and to other areas of the body to be replenished and delivered to and from the areas that need it the most. With better blood flow, symptoms of fatigued muscles and limbs and swelling decrease.

The best compression socks for travel will get you on your way in comfort


When it comes to discussing compressions socks, you may often hear about the benefits it offers to athletes or in a medical context but compression socks are also extremely applicable for those who travel frequently or over long periods of time. To achieve the most comfort while you walk around and explore different sites in a new city, you can find the best compression socks for travel at PRO Compression. We offer all different lengths and styles of compression socks that can couple with your outfit or hid underneath pant legs.

If you’re travel requires long periods of sitting, try a compression sock that’s knee-length but a lower compression level. This will provide a steady yet subtle compression to keep blood circulation constantly moving within your lower limbs. If you’re planning to be on your feet walking around all day, a higher compression-level sock might be the one for you. This will provide a more intense amount of compression that meets the high-usage demands on your lower legs and feet—that way, you can keep moving throughout the day.


Aside from wearing your trusty compression socks for travel, here are a few simple tricks to keep swelling and sore muscles and feet at bay:

  • Make sure to get up every hour or so while flying and walk around to spike blood flow.
  • If you’re road tripping, use rest stops to stretch and move around and bend your legs to keep joints lubricated and muscles fresh.
  • For those that don’t have the liberty of getting up from your seat while traveling, wiggle your toes and flex the ankles every so often.
  • Stay hydrated and drink enough water when you travel. Water can be crucial to fighting symptoms of dehydration so you can achieve proper blood circulation and reduce swelling. Drink up during travel and at your destination.

All these hacks paired with the help of the best compression socks for travel can get you well on your way to comfort during your next trip.

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